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What are the costs and how do payments work? You can pay the entire cost of your experience in one lump sum. Alternatively, payments can be made in installments and must be made by the following deadlines.
Which methods of payment are accepted if I want to book? We accept all major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover and bank transfers Name: Carnival Utopia Email address: info@carnivalutopia.com Memo: Include the order number of the experience for which you are paying
When is the deadline to pay my initial deposit? There is no deadline as such, however, there are limited spaces on each experience. Therefore it is in your best interest to secure your place with us as soon as possible.
How do I pay my installments? You may login to your CARNIVAL UTOPIA account at any time to make a payment towards your package, or you can send your payments via Bank Transfer
Are there any hidden costs? There is a charge of 3% plus 30 cents online booking fee on all online credit card payments via our website. Hotels may charge a relatively small amount of $20 to $50 per room upon arrival known as a Tourism Fee. Hotels may also charge a refundable deposit for incidentals.
Problems with Payments If your credit card payment is declined, please contact your bank to check with them for possible reasons for this. If you still have trouble making payments, please use another card or contact info@carnivalutopia.com

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