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Booking process

Is there an age limit? You must be 18 years or older
Who books the flight? You are responsible for booking your own flight. We do not include the flights, but we can help you to book the best fight based on your location. No matter where you are flying from we will help you pick the best connections to join the tour on time.
When should I arrive and depart from the Islands? You should plan to arrive by 4 p.m. on the day before (or the day of) & depart anytime after the closing date of the experience. In the event these dates do not work for you, we can adjust your experience for you (additional costs may apply).
When is the deadline to book a Carnival Utopia’ experience? Registration usually closes one month before the start date of the experience.
Do you allow transfers? Yes we allow transfer of experiences, however the financial value of the experience cannot be transferred. Please note that you are responsible for notifying us and, coordinating arrangements with person to whom you are transferring your experience.
Changes to Bookings? Changes cannot be made by yourself via our online booking platform. Changes must be made by emailing info@carnivalutopia.com and may incur an additional cost.

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